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The Forex Analytix team

The Forex Analytix team can assist you in achieving your goals as a trader.

Spend one on one time with a mentor of your choice, where the mentor (or “coach”) can spend time with you one on one, working through your trading process, risk management skills, or even getting you up to speed on various financial markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, forex (foreign exchange), and more.

Meet your mentor

Blake Morrow
Blake Morrow
CEO and Technical Analysis Expert
Grega Horvat
Grega Horvat
Renowned expert in financial markets, specializing in Elliott Wave
Steve Voulgaridis
Steve Voulgaridis
COO and Macro, Candlesticks & Technical Analysis Expert
Ryan Littlestone
Ryan Littlestone
Independent trader. Market analyst at Forex Analytix and ForexFlow.Live
André Cardoso
André Cardoso
Global Market Analyst, Harmonics & Fibonacci Expert
Leandro Andrada Conde
Leandro Andrada Conde
Independent Professional FX Trader, strategies and techniques
Koen Vanderschrick
Koen Vanderschrick
FX cash and options, fundamentals expert

Personal coaching with the Forex Analytix team


Pre Coaching customized guidance: Exchange an email with your mentor of choice what you are looking to achieve in your session so you have an expectation of what guidance you will receive.


Mentorship: Once you have completed your session, you may choose to continue your education process with your coach and will have the opportunity to schedule follow up sessions following your initial session. Being coached over time could be an ongoing process for most traders.


Developing Strategies: A big part of coaching for many traders is working with your mentor as he/she may assist you in developing a strategy that may work best for you depending on your timeframe, experience and risk tolerance as a trader


Risk Management Process: In our experience, most traders struggle with “staying in losing trades too long” and “taking profits too early.” Your mentor may be able to help you unlearn poor risk management strategies and apply ones that may be better suited to your individual trading style.


Psychological Mentorship: Traders can struggle with the emotional aspect of trading. Your coach will give you guidance, and lay out a plan for learning, developing discipline and having a long-term perspective. We want you to succeed!


Register now and take the first exciting step forward in your trading journey. Your learning path lies ahead and we can’t wait to help you move forward!

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This is the best macro commentary anywhere – Thomas S.

I really appreciate you all! Forex Analytix is the best kept secret in trading! – Skip A.

You guys have been great, very profitable this week everything in the green – Daniel B.

This group has made me a much better trader. I’ve just got to refine my edge with the new knowledge – Kevin O.

No doubt you are the best team, with such humbleness and willingness to teach and share – Laura G.

Thank you for your analysis and foresight into the markets. It has helped my trading quite a bit and it’s kept me focused on the bigger picture – Clyde K.

Learning the technicals etc. by hearing why folks do things and the behind - the - scenes action is priceless – Rick P.

This community has saved my career – Richard A.

I came here via a YouTube video search, joined the community and stayed here. This whole team is great. – Alexandre J.